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The IRAA meets annually each October for its General Assembly. It also holds an early Summer picnic jointly with COMARA (Comsat Alumni & Retirees Assoc.) and Intelsat staff between MAY-JUN; late Summer Social between AUG-SEP; Winter Social between JAN-FEB, as well as an occasional Golf Outing between AUG-SEP.

All events provide a great opportunity for old friends & former colleagues to gather for memorable occasions of fellowship and camaraderie.

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Why Intelsat's Stock Soared 531% Higher in 2018
Posted: 14 January 2019

The satellite communications expert lived to fight another day, and that was good enough for a massive bounce in its stock prices

Anders Bylund (TMFZahrim)
Jan 14 2019 at 2:45PM

What happened

Shares of Intelsat (NYSE:I) gained 531% in 2018, according to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence. The Luxembourg-based provider of satellite communications services has been fighting off its debt holders by selling more stock while waiting for approval of its crucial next-generation 5G networks.

So what

Last year's gains were more of a turnaround effort than an organic win. Intelsat is hoping to launch an innovative combination of satellite- and tower-based communications networks in the near future, but regulatory approvals have been few and far between. Meanwhile, the company is reporting negative earnings and cash flows. So when Intelsat started announcing a steady stream of new customer contracts in the spring of 2018, stock prices skyrocketed on every positive tidbit of news.

Click HERE for further details from The Motley Fool.

Shares closed down today at $23.50/share

Why Intelsat S.A. Stock Fell 14% in December
Posted: 8 January 2019

Intelsat stock saw a double-digit decline last month, but it closed out the year up more than 500%.

Keith Noonan (TMFNoons)
Jan 8 2019 at 3:39PM

What happened

Shares of Intelsat S.A. (NYSE:I) dipped 14% in December, according to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence. There wasn't any big company-specific news behind the decline, but sell-offs for the broader market still dragged on the otherwise high-flying satellite communications company. 

Click HERE for further details from The Motley Fool.

Shares closed down today at $23.34/share

Intelsat Joins GSMA to Spur Integration of Satellite and Terrestrial Solutions, Create Hybrid Networks, and Advances 5G Development
Posted: 8 January 2019

Stronger relationships with mobile operators, ubiquitous broadband services, and hybrid networks will meet fast-growing connectivity demands and fulfill promise of 5G

January 08, 2019 06:00 AM Easter Standard Time

LUXEMBOURG --(BUSINESS WIRE)--Intelsat S.A. (NYSE: I), operator of the world's first Globalized Network and leader in integrated satellite communications, announced that it has joined GSMA, the organization representing mobile operators worldwide, to further strengthen the integration of satellite and terrestrial technologies and advance 5G deployments.

Click HERE for further details from BusinessWire.

Welcome New Member
Posted: 8 January 2019

We are pleased to Welcome the following new member to the Intelsat Retirees and Alumni Association:
January 2019

David Meltzer

Happy New Year 2019!
Posted: 1 January 2019

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