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About the Intelsat Retirees and Alumni Association

The Intelsat Retirees Association (IRA) was formed in June 1999 for the protection, safeguarding and defense of the rights and general interests of the retiree community of Intelsat including surviving spouses.

- On 15 June 2012, members voted to amend the By-Laws to open membership in the Association to all former employees of Intelsat whether receiving a pension or not including contractors/consultants and temporary staff. 

- On 11 May 2013, the Board of Directors began using the trade name Intelsat Retirees and Alumni Association (IRAA) in lieu of Intelsat Retirees Association (IRA) to be more reflective of the member types.

The Association is administered by a Board of Directors composed of five persons elected from among its members. The Association's Officers are: the President and the Vice-President, who are elected by the Board from among the Directors, the Secretary and the Treasurer, who are designated by the Board from among the members.

The highest organ of the Association is the General Assembly, which meets once a year generally in October.

Intelsat Retirees and Alumni Association
c/o Satpal Chhabra
P.O. Box 40027
Washington, DC 20016-0027

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